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Brand strategy, Brand identity, Brand visualization, Collaterals


TUPLUS is the name of a quality stylish luggage brand from China targeting both local and international travellers.


Through the integration of industrial design and premium materials, TUPLUS delivers extra benefits to make travelling easier and more enjoyable.


We visualized the name in the logo design. Turning TUPLUS into “TU+”, same pronunciation as”途加”, the brand name in Mandarin.


TU is “you” in French, with the logo “TU+” means “giving you more for your journey with the functional and stylish TUPLUS”, reflecting the philosophy of the brand.


The result of the design is a logo that breaks the language barrier.

TUPLUS luggage.jpg
TUPLUS logo.png
Luggage tag Logo Design.png
TUPLUS luggage pattern.png
TU+ pattern.jpg
TUPLUS website.png
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